Is Beverley Mitchell blind

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is Beverley Mitchell blind
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What is the birth name of Beverley Mitchell?

Beverley Mitchell's birth name is Beverley Ann/e Mitchell.

How tall is Beverley Mitchell?

Beverley Mitchell is 5' 2".

What nicknames does Beverley Mitchell go by?

Beverley Mitchell goes by Bev.

What is Beverley Mitchell's birthday?

Beverley Mitchell was born on January 22, 1981.

When was Beverley Mitchell born?

Beverley Mitchell was born on January 22, 1981.

Does beverley mitchell have a boyfriend?

Beverley is engaged to her boyfriend for five years, Michael Cameron

What is the net worth of beverley mitchell?


How tall is Beverly mitchell?

beverley mitchell is 5 foot 2 inches tall

Is Beverley Mitchell married?

yes she married her accountant Michael Cameron in Italy

How old is Beverley Mitchell?

US actress and singer Beverley Mitchell is 36 years old (birthdate: January 22, 1981).

Which role did Beverley Mitchell play in the TV series 7th Heaven?

Lucy camden/Lucy kinkirk

Which artists sang black is black?

Los Bravos Rick Springfield Beverley Mitchell