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Q: Is Batman stronger than Joker
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Who is stronger Batman 1989 or Joker Dark Knight?

Joker dark Knight 5 reasons: He is crazier than the classic Joker He is way stronger than the Batman old series and 1989 He could hit him with a crowbar He is smarter He can defeat Batman old series

Who is stronger Batman or joker?

Given that Batman survives and, ultimately, the Joker does not, being just another villain, one can assume that Batman is stronger.

Is Joker stronger than Wesker?

Yes. Wesker is working on a test subject and Joker is crazy. Joker is more entergetic. But Batman is stronger. Wesker is just slow. He would be tired of fighting Joker.

Is Gissy stronger than Batman?

Yes. Gissy has super strength. He's smarter than Batman. Gissy is a hero. He helps Batman finish Joker's big guys. Gissy is stronger than Galactus. Stronger than everyone except Hulk. He is Gotham's savior. So is Batman.

Is Batman stronger than Galactus?

No. Hulk is stronger than everyone. Wherever Hulk goes, he's the strongest. Batman is smarter than Galactus and Joker. In the world competition beholders, Galactus lost in every fight with Batman.

Is Joker stronger than Mother Gothel?

Here's a fact. Well, Mother Gothel is stronger than Joker. But Rapunzel is weaker than Joker.

Is joker the joker from Batman?

No, the Joker from Batman is a fictional (non real) character.

What is the name of the Batman with joker?

When the Joker meets Batman the Joker calls him my dear Darknight.

Is Batman stronger than Astro Boy?

Definitely, Batman is stronger than Astro Boy.

Is Catwoman stronger than Batman?

Catwoman is not stronger than Batman, however she is far more agile than him.

Who is better, Joker or Batman?

Batman always wins against the Joker.

Does the joker have a weakness?

The only weaknesses that the Joker has is his own insecurities about Batman and his powers. Other than that there is no known weaknesses for the Joker.

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