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Ashley Argota is extremely/deathly ticklish on the soles of her bare feet. I know this because I have tickled her there so many times we lost count. She lives with me in my house. I am her husband, by the way. It is a seven-10 time daily thing. She loves it so much because she keeps laughing her head off, and when the tickling on her soles is done, she keeps asking for me to do it again. The same can also be said about her sides, stomach, belly area, and her ribs.

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Ashley does not release that kind of personal information.

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Q: Is Ashley Argota ticklish and where?
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What is the birth name of Ashley Argota?

Ashley Argota's birth name is Ashley Spencer Argota.

Where was Ashley Argota born?

Ashley Argota was born in Redlands, California.

What is Ashley argota's middle name?

Ashley Argota's middle name is Spencer.

When was Ashley Argota born?

Ashley Argota was born on January 9, 1993.

What nicknames does Ashley Argota go by?

Ashley Argota goes by Ash, Smiley, and AshBash.

Is Ashley Argota from True Jackson VP or ICarly?

Ashley Argota is from True Jackson VP.

Who is Ashley Argota?

Ashley Argota was born January 9 1993 and she is an American actress and singer

What is Ashley argota's race?

Ashley Argota is asian, american, filipino, and a few others. She is a mixed race.

How old is Ashley Argota?

Ashley Argota is 24 years old (birthdate: January 9, 1993).

Does Ashley Argota have any siblings?

Ashley Argota is an actress who is known for her roles on Nickelodeon. She does not have any siblings.

What is Ashley Argota's Religion?

Ashley argota is Asian .she is also mix with many different relions like filipino

Is Matt Shively dating Ashley Argota?

Actor Matt Shively is not dating Ashley Argota. He is currently in a relationship with American actress Laura Ashley Samuels.