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Q: Is Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli the grandfather of Nicola Benedetti?
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What kind of violin does Nicola Benedetti play?

Nicola Benedetti plays a Stentor.

When was Nicola Benedetti born?

Nicola Benedetti was born on 1987-07-01.

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Does Nicola Benedetti have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, Nicola Benedetti does have brothers and sisters. My answer is true because I was at one of her concerts in October and sat behind her mum and two of her sisters. We got to talk for a while before the show started! Hope your question has been answered.

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Where can people go to watch videos of Vivaldi's Winter being played?

Vivaldi's beautiful piece of music included in his Four Seasons concertos can be viewed on YouTube. It is being performed by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra with Nicola Benedetti as lead violinist.

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The cast of Classical Brit Awards 2005 - 2005 includes: Nicola Benedetti as Herself - Performer James Galway as Himself - Performer Katherine Jenkins as Herself - Performer

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