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As of episode 21 in season 3, Spencer is not part of the A team, but some spoilers say that she will in the season finale.

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No why would she theres rumors going on saying that ezra betrays them in the next week episode but i dont believe that.

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Yes. In Season 3 finale "The Lady Killer" they reveal Toby at the very end as an A team

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Q: Is Aria a part of the A team on Pretty Little Liars?
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Is Paige from Pretty Little Liars gay in real life?

no because she is only acting for a her part

Who is Zach Fay?

He's a PHP Programmer and Web Designer. He is also an actor who played a part in Charmed, Medium, Pretty Little Liars.

What is Mona's real name from Pretty Little Liars?

Janel Parrish plays the part. The character of Mona Vanderwaal is Hanna's friend. Remember in the first episode, Hanna and a girl with black hair who used to be a nerd did a complete make-over? She and Hanna went "shopping" / stealing together. She has brownish hair.Mona is the best friend of Hanna on Pretty Little Liars. Or, if you are asking who plays her, it is Janel Parrish. She is also a "A" in the first 4 books. She also wants revenge on Spencer Aria Hanna and Emily because they treated her really bad when they were younger.****SPOILER ALERT****Mona is killed while trying to push Spencer off a cliff because Spencer knows she's AHanna's best friend. . .and the first A but then she gets killed.Mona was the first A. She is part of the A team.She is Emily Fields' girlfriend....Yes, they are lesbians.In the books Mona is A. Hopes this helps!The dorky girl they picked onMona in pretty little liars is played by Janel Parrish, she's also A!Mona is claimed to be a close friend of Hannas.

What episode does Pretty Little Liars tell about Courtney?

itll be quite a few seasons before they get to that part.

Why did it say parents on Mike's mirror in Pretty Little Liars?

You know how car mirrors say "objects in mirror are closer then they apper" he covered over the part " objects in mirror" and wrote "parents" to make it parents are closer then they apper. It was just a little joke.

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What was your favorite part of Pretty Little Liars from the book?

Well, honestly when I found out that Alison wasn't really Alison and was her twin Courtney who was pretending to be her and had befriended Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna

Who is part of the A team in the Pretty Little Liars books?

Read the books

What was your favorite part in Pretty Little Liars in chapter 2?

When Alison died

Is Toby from Pretty Little Liars part of the A team?

Yes, he is.

Why is A trying to kill the Pretty Little Liars?

That is all part of the mystery. We don't know, it probably has to do with something the liars have done to A in the past.

Did Ian take part in the murder of Alison in Pretty Little Liars?

Nope, he's innocent.

Who is your favorite character in the Pretty Little Liars series?

My favorite part in Pretty Little Liars books is when the woods behind Spencers house burst into flams and the girls see Ali. It is my favorite part because it is a scene to rember very detailed and it was an amazing way to end a book! This happened at the last 3 chapters of Killer

Does Alison get away with killing her sister in Pretty Little Liars?

Alison was believed to have burned in the fire that she started in an attemp to kill Aria,Spencer,Emily,and Hanna. No bone or tooth was found so it really is a mystery is she really is dead. But for the most part she did get away with it.

Is Toby from Pretty Little Liars A?

yes, in the show Toby was just revealed as part of the "A" team.

Why was Mona A on Pretty Little Liars?

Beacuse she was part of the whole -A thing but i dont wanna say 2 much

Did part of season two of Pretty Little Liars already air?

No, season 2 premiers on June 14th

Will Isaac be on the Pretty little liars tv show?

Most likely because it's a major part for Emily