Is Andreas Gursky still alive

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes, he is still alive. :)

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Q: Is Andreas Gursky still alive
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When was Andreas Gursky born?

Andreas Gursky was born on January 15, 1955.

What has the author Andreas Gursky written?

Andreas Gursky has written: 'Andreas Gursky' -- subject(s): Aerial photography, Architectural photography, Architecture in art, Artistic Photography, Exhibitions, Landscape photography, Photography of interiors 'Fotografien 1994-1998' -- subject(s): Artistic Photography, Exhibitions 'Photographs 1994-1997'

What are the works of Henry peach Robinson and Andreas gursky exemplify the photograhers?


What is Andres Gursky most well known for?

Andreas Gursky is a German visual artist who was born in 1955. He is best known for his landscape color photographs that often use a high point of view.

What is the birth name of Brett Gursky?

Brett Gursky's birth name is Brett Jared Gursky.

How tall is Brett Gursky?

Brett Gursky is 5' 10".

When was Samuel Gursky born?

Samuel Gursky was born on 1991-10-09.

When was Herbert Gursky born?

Herbert Gursky was born on 1930-05-27.

When did Herbert Gursky die?

Herbert Gursky died on 2006-12-01.

When was Solomon Gursky Was Here created?

Solomon Gursky Was Here was created in 1989.

How many pages does Solomon Gursky Was Here have?

Solomon Gursky Was Here has 557 pages.

What is the ISBN of Solomon Gursky Was Here?

The ISBN of Solomon Gursky Was Here is 0-670-82526-3.