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No. That's just a rumor spread by a misinformed guy in Wikipedia. It wouldn't make sense for her to appear in the season finale, either, because technically speaking, if you count production order, "Freak the Freak Out" was the season finale.

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Alexa Nikolas is not coming back to Zoey 101. she's been gone for 2 seasons already. Alexa and Jamie Lynn had a big fight, and so Britney had Alexa fired from Zoey 101.

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Q: Is Alexa Nikolas coming back to Zoey101?
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Why was Kristin Herrera and Alexa Nikolas kicked off of zoey 101?

She didn't quit but the producers of the show made her leave as she looked too old for the part of Dana Cruz, which is unfortunate as she was the same age as Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews) in real life.

What episode was Victoria Justice in first on Zoey101?

first episode of season two back to pca

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