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(It was on Sussex Records, out of California. Production was by Booker T Jones, who is associated with Memphis and Stax Records, not Detroit and Motown.)

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Q: Is Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers Motown?
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Who sang aint no sunshine when shes gone?

bob marley

How many people sang ain't no sunshine?

Bill Withers wrote and recorded the song 'Ain't No Sunshine, taken from his 1971 album 'Just As I Am'

What year did Van Morrison record Aint No Sunshine?

Van Morrison didn't record "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone". Bill Withers did in 1971.

Did the Jackson 5 create the song Aint No Sunshine?

No, it was written and sung by Bill Withers, over the years the song has been covered by many many artists, including the Jackson 5.

Who was the big hit singer of Ain't No Sunshine When she's gone?

Bill Withers who also wrote it in 1971.

What year Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone released?

It charted in July 1971, so was probably recorded early that year.

What was Bill WIthers' best selling single?

Bill Withers' best selling album was Lean On Me and some others were Ain't No Sunshine and Use Me. He got the Grammy in 1999 for Best Rhythm and blues song for Ain't No Sunshine.

What is the song called in Dante infernos trailer?

ain't no sunshine - bill withers

What drum set was used by James gadson when he played ain't no sunshine by bill withers?

He didn't. Al Jackson Jr played on Ain't No Sunshine

Who is the artist who sang ain't no sunshine when shes gone?

Eva cassidy did a wonderful version....In my opinion, far superior to the original. But, I must admit, I always found the original version pretty annoying There is a nice reggae version by Horace Andy.

Who sang Ain't no sunshine when shes gone in last seasons episode of CSI Las Vegas?

probably Bill withers ;)

Who sings 'Ain't no sunshine when she's gone' on the Dante's Inferno commercial?

The song "Ain't No Sunshine" used in the Dante's Inferno commercial is actually performed by the musician Bill Withers.