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Yes, I believe Smith said some variation of that line in all three movies.

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Q: Is ''it is inevitable mr Anderson'' in matrix?
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What did the men call neo in the matrix?

Mr. Anderson

What company did Mr. Anderson work for in The Matrix?

Metacortex corporation

What was Keanu Reeves's name in The Matrix?

Neo in the Matrix movies was played by Keanu Reaves.

What was Keanu Reeves character name in the matrix?

Neo is his hacker name. Mr. Anderson is what the Agents call him

What are the goals of economatrics?

The current goals of the economatrics are to improve the economy within the Matrix so that Mr Smith guy doesn't ruin Mr Anderson's lifestyle.

What is Neo's name in the matrix?

Thomas A. Anderson

What is Neo's real name in The Matrix?

Thomas A. Anderson

Who does Thomas A Anderson play in a movie with Kung Fu?

The Matrix

Thomas A Anderson and Morpheus are both characters from the movie?

The Matrix

Will Amy marry mr cookie?

yes its inevitable

Who was Keanu Reeves character in the matrix film?

Thomas Anderson/Neo

What is Keanu Reeves character in The Matrix?

Thomas A. Anderson a/k/a Neo