Ino or temari

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Temari. Ino and Shikamaru have more of a brother-sister relationship then a romantic one. Plus Temari is always flirting with Shikamaru. In one episode Shikamaru blushed at Temari (forgot which episode. I always thought it was kiba and temari since they have real picutures of them on Photobucket (not all of them are real though). but...I wish u knew d number. Ino. shikamaru and ino are perfect together, they have been friends longer and they know each other well. Their emotions with each other will (hopefully) develope later in the manga/ Naruto episodes .Temari is ok as well, it can be a ShikaTema.

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Sakura and Ino was (in part1) about ecual in strength, but in Shippuden, Sakura is stronger than Ino.

Ino's total stat is 21 and Sakura's stat is 26. It is even said that Sakura can surpass Tsunade.

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Q: Ino or temari
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If Shikamaru ends up with Temari who will be with Ino?

Shikamaru wont end up with Temari but if ever Ino will be with Sai BUT AGAIN Shikamaru wont end up with Temari 'cause Shikamaru would end up with Ino

What is Lee's rank in Naruto Shippuden...And Neji's... and Ino's...and Temari's?

lee's is chunin (i may have spelled it wrong) neji's jonin ino's chunin and temari's im not sure sorry

Will Shikamaru marry Ino?

nope*SPOILER*he likes temari

Who is ino going to end up with?

ino might prodadly end up with shikamaru, but then again theres temari...

Will Shikamaru end up with temari?

no, shikamaru wont end up with temari cause shikamaru will end up with ino

Will shikamaru going to marry ino?

No. Shikamaru and Ino have a sibling-type of bond. If Shikamaru were to marry anyone, it would probably be Temari.

What is the best team to unlock sakon in Naruto arena?

try tayuya(if unlocked. if not try ino), temari and kiba.

Who is the prettiest naruto girl?

I think all the girls in Naruto are extremely beautiful, however I will be ranking them based on the females we see the most. Sakura, Hinata, Temari, Tenten, Ino, Karin, and Lady Tsunade. Ino Temari Hinata 4.Ten ten 5.Sakura Lady Tsunade Karin

Who is Shikamaru from naruto most likely to be w temari of Ino?

Temari. In the beginning of the series people thought that Shikamaru and Ino would be together but he never liked her. Temari liked him after their battle in the Chunin Exam's and even more after she saved him from Tayuya, his dad said he would fall for a troublesome girl so he gave into his feeling and in Shippuuden he and Temari date. WTF!?so what?there daiting, but ino and shikamaru daiting to! good day! Shikamaru will me with Temari. And not stupid ugly Ino-Pig! ^_~ Theres your Answer!~ Actually, Kishimoto, who is the guy writing and drawing Naruto, has said in an interview that he doesn't have any plans to write Shikamaru anything romantic. It's still unclear whether or not this means Shikamaru will wind up with anyone. Actually almost everyone end up with some one be in the ending of the manga. He ends up with temari and has a child with her.

Ino Shikamaru choji?

nop! shikamaru ino sakura sasuke naruto hinata tenten neji temari no one

Is Ino hot?

well to me not really...but I say that sakura,hinata,tenten,and temari are all prettier than her.

Who will Sasuke marry in naruto?

Ino because Sakura goes with Naruto and Kiba goes with Hinata. Everybody noes that Shilamaru like Temari.