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Model Misbehavior | Season Four

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Model Misbehavin'

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Q: In which season of Family Guy is Lois a model?
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What season is lois kills stewie?

This occurs in season 6 of Family Guy.

Is it season 10 of Family Guy where Lois does foxy boxing?

No. Season 9 | Baby You Knock Me Out

Is Lois from family guy?

There is a character named Lois in Family Guy.

What is the episode of family guy called when Lois and peter are children?

Family Guy Viewer Mail, season 3 Episode 21

What episode in Family Guy is when Lois does Kung Fu?

Lethal Weapons in what I believe to be the second season.

In what Family Guy episode did Lois get a job as a flight attendant?

Da**it Janet( Season 2) episode 22

Does Lois die on Family Guy?


What is the name of the Family Guy episode with the racist Kermit the Frog?

Season Five | Episode One | Stewie Loves Lois

In which Family Guy episode does Peter sue Dr Hartman?

Season 5|Episode 1 Stewie Loves Lois

Who is Lois wright?

Isnt Lois that lady that comes in Family Guy?

Which episode of Family Guy shows a portrait of Stewie in a suit by the stairs?

Season 6 Episode 5: Lois Kills Stewie

Who is Barbara in Family Guy?

Lois' Mother