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Real Genius

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Q: In which movie will you find Val Kilmer and others filling a house with pop corn?
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What was the name of the movie where a house completely overflowed with popcorn?

The movie is called Real Genius, starring Val Kilmer as Chris Knight. It was released in 1985.

There is an actor who looks exactly like Val Kilmer in the movie The Fellon?

That WAS Val Kilmer. Just saw it the other day. Very good movie.

Who played Batman forever?

Val Kilmer played Batman in the movie "Batman Forever," which was released in 1995.

What is name of movie with Robert DeNiro and DannyTrejo?

I believe you're thinking of the movie HEAT. Al Pacino, Val Kilmer. Ashley Judd, Mykelty Williams, among others, also starred.

Movie with kin bassinger and val kilmer?

The Real McCoy

Actor was in both The Doors and The Saint movie?

Val Kilmer

What 1988 movie did Val Kilmer play Madmartigan?


What was val kilmer's first movie?

Top Secret! in 1984

What movie did val kilmer play Elvis?

True Romance.

Actor Val Kilmer starred in which Batman movie?

Batman Forever

Who portrayed John Holmes in the movie Wonderland 2003?

Val Kilmer

What 1988 movie was Madmartigan in?

Willow. Madmartigan was played by Val Kilmer.