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Episode #33 (which is Season 3, Episode 5), titled "And the Weiner Is." See the Related Link below for more information about the episode.

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Q: In which episode of Family Guy does Stewie sing Rocket Man?
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What episode of Family Guy does Stewie play Simon and sing about?

Perfect Castaway

In which Family Guy episode does Brian and Stewie sing You And I Are So Awfully Different?

Road to Europe

What episode of family guy where stewie sing love lift us up?

none heh heh heh

What was the song on the episode of family guy wear stewie sings it in brians car?

"Cars" by Gary Numan. (Although Stewie didn't sing the real lyrics.)

Which episode of Family Guy features the FCC?

The episode where Brian, Stewie and Peter sing "The Freakin' F.C.C." Is PTV, Volume 4 episode 1.

What episode does team rocket sing double trouble?

every episode* *In some episodes, Team Rocket does not show up.

Does Seth MacFarlane sing on Family Guy?

Yes. Anytime Brian, Peter or Stewie is singing, you are hearing Seth's voice.

What episode of Family Guy did they sing a song about legalizing pot?

"Episode 420"

In which Family Guy episode does Peter sing 2 Unlimited?

Family Gay.

What is the family guy episode where they sing the pie song?

The Road to the Multiverse

What was the sing from the proud family episode tween town?

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What episode did Family Guy sing Noble Indian Chief?

Deep Throats