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In none of the episodes seen so far.

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Q: In which episode does Hinata become Naruto's girlfriend?
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In which episode does Hinata become Naruto?

That isn't an episode, that's a nightmare..

What episode in Sonny With a Chance where Sonny and chad have become official boyfriend and girlfriend?

Falling For the Falls

Will Naruto marry Hinata in Naruto?

The final manga issue shows that Naruto and Hinata have become a couple and had two children.

Is Hinata stronger than hanabi?

She is way stronger than hanabi now. Hanabi used to be stronger than hinata but later hinata starts reflecting to naruto and has become really strong for doing so.

Who is stronger Hinata or Ino?

Well according to status this is hinata's:DatabookNinjutsuTaijutsuGenjutsuIntelligenceStrengthSpeedChakraHand_sealsTotalFirst1.52.512.5121.5214Second1.5313121.5215Third33. is Ino's:DatabookNinjutsuTaijutsuGenjutsuIntelligenceStrengthSpeedChakraHand_sealsTotalFirst2.51.51.520.52.522.515Second31. hinata is stronger by a bit but if Ino trains more she could become stronger

In which Suite Life on Deck episode do Bailey and Cody become boyfriend and girlfriend?

They started dating since: Double-Crossed season 1.

Does Sasuke ever see Hinata in 'Naruto Shippuden'?

Maybe, maybe not. It is a possibility that he will in the future, because after he kills Itachi, he finds out that it wasn't exactly Itachi's fault for killing the clan, so he turns against Konoha. But since he still has one goal to reach, he would need a mate, and Hinata seems to be fit for that. So in other words, Hinata may become captive to Sasuke.....Beside SasuHina Rocks!

How do you become nat wolff's girlfriend?

There is no way to become his girlfriend.

Why does Naruto ignore Hinata?

Naruto seems to ignore Hinata because he sees her as strange and odd. Naruto is infatuated with Sakura, so to him, Hinata is just a concrete wall. However, in Shipudden Naruto, Hinata does become more attractive, but Sakura is still Naruto's crush and is attractive also. SHE IS ALSO PRETTY!!!

What episode where inuyasha and kagome become boyfriend and girlfriend?

they dont because inuyasha still loves kikiyo ( i dont know why she's dead and ugly) but they do kiss in the 2nd movie ok hope you engoy :)

Who is the strongest Hinata or Neji?

yes and no. Naruto AND Sasuke will become the strongest ninjas, their strengths will be approximately equal. Naruto will become stronger than his father. IDASHI UCHIHA IS THE STRONGEST NINJA of course he will!

How does Hinata do her Protection of the 8 Trigrams 64 Palms?

Like the 8 trigrams 64 palms, Hinata can hit hundreds of targets with extreme precision. With her natural flexibility, Hinata can reach any point around her, allowing her to hit any target within her field of vision. While using this jutsu, Hinata moves extremely fast ( her movements become a blur)