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Q: In what ways are the characters of Jordan and Alicia foils or opposite?
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What are opposite characters called in a play?


Which characters are foils that contrast with Odysseus?

phenelope and me

Can a first person narrator be a foil?

A first person narrator can, in some cases, be a foil to another character, but it is rare. Usually characters that are foils are foils to the main character, as they help to strengthen the perception of the main character through existing as his or her opposite.

Which is a way that secondary characters are used?

As foils to the main character

In Terminology which of the characters are foils of one another?

Finny and Gene

What is the author's purpose for having these characters so opposite in Of Mice and Men?

Usually when two characters are drastically different from one another they are called foils. Authors use foils in order to highlight certain characteristics in their characters. Their foil makes their characteristics more evident and sticks out to the reader.

What are two character foils in the play The Glass Menagerie?

One example of foils is Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West in the movie "The Wizard of Oz.

What does foil mean?

A foil to a character is another character who acts in an opposite manner or has opposite characteristics. Foils help to show the strengths and flaws of a character through contrast.

How are ron and hermoine foils?

Foils are two characters who are the opposite of each other and emphasize each others' personality through the contrast of their characters. Ron is a comical, rather lazy (when it comes to homework), full-blooded wizard. He isn't the brightest in his classes, but he knows a lot about the wizarding world in general because he grew up in it. He also provides much of the comedy in the Harry Potter noovels. Hermione is a sensible, overachieving, muggle-born witch. She is amazingly intelligent and hardworking, but she was raised by muggles and does not know as much about the wizarding world as the weasleys do. She brings logic and answers to the books when Harry and Ron are in doubt. In this way, Harry's two best friends are foils of each other.

Which characters in the book the most dangerous are foils for each other?

Rainford and Zaroff because Rainsford hunted animals and Zaroff hunted humans.

What is the purpose of using character foils?

Allows you to develop two (or more) characters at once. The main character by contrast, and the minor character directly.

3. identify the foil for each of the three main characters then choose one of these foils and explain how the character brings out the personality traits of the protagonist be specific about those traits and how they are revealed?

The protagonist is the positive role in the story. So basically just say the foils and then add how the traits were revealed.