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The Italian Job---sung by Marlena Shaw

The Lincoln Lawyer

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Q: In what movie can you hear the song 'California Soul'?
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Now you need the latest and greatest dockers commercial song it has a lyric containing California gold you think?

"California Soul" by Marlena Shaw - the sample you hear during the Dockers commercial is the best part of the song (the rest is good too).

Who made the jazz song in the movie low down dirty shame?

The song is titled "Watch Me." Written by Jazzie B. of the London based dance group Soul II Soul. Also look for the song strange fruit by Marcus Miller if you listen closely to the song you can hear the song that was playing when Shame was talking to Angela in the hotel.

Who sings with Marlena Shaw in the Dockers California soul song?

Marlena Shaw sang solo in the Dockers khaki commercial. The song "California Soul" was originally recorded by The Fifth Dimension.

Which Candlebox song was in the movie Waterboy?

"Glowing Soul"

How can you hear the theme song from soul train?

Downloan bearshare P2P and use the search engine to download the song.

Who sings the song in the background of bare essential commercial?

California Soul

Is Katy Perrys song fireworks in a movie?

Yes it is in the movie soul surfer

What is the song played at the end of Lincoln lawyer?

Sung by Marlena Shaw - California soul (LL Remix)

What was the theme song to the movie Jerky Boys by Collective Soul?

'Gel' by Collective Soul was listed on the soundtrack for Jerky Boys: The Movie.

What is the song on the bareminerals eyeshadow commercial?

It's Marlena Shaw - California Soul

Who sings the song in the RAM 1500 commercial?

Marlena Shaw - California Soul

Where can I hear the entire song of Shannon Lee's California Dreaming?