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They live in a housing development community called Cuesta Verde, in California.

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Q: In what city did the Freelings live in Poltergeist?
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Which character was abducted by the ghosts in Poltergeist?

The Freelings' youngest child, Carol Anne.

What is the plot of the movies 'Poltergeist 2'?

The plot for the movie Poltergeist 2 is The Freeling family, Steven, Diana, Robbie and Carol have relocated to the Phoenix Arizona and now live in a house with Daine's mother. One year after the events of Poltergeist, Cuesta Verda, the Freelings neighborhood from the first film is being evacuated and turned into and archeological paranormal dig.

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In which California city does Poltergeist take place?

a) Sacramantob) Cuesta Verdec) Palo Altod) Foster City

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Who played Christina the seer on Poltergeist the Legacy?

Zelda Rubinstein, who also played Tangina Barrons in the original films Poltergeist, Poltergeist 2 the other side and Poltergeist 3.

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When was Poltergeist released?

Poltergeist was released on 06/04/1982.