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i think it is those snow chains that dont let you slip on the ice ***In the MOVIE Charlie gets her new tires, however in the BOOK charlie puts the chains on her tires...

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Q: In twilight what did charlie get Bella for her truck new tires or chains for her tires?
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Can you put chains on a Ford Escape?

Yes, you can put chains on anything with tires. Make sure the chains fit the tires, loose chains with damage your car.

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Why do drivers of trucks put chains over the tires of their trucks when climbing a slippery road?

The chains on tires reates traction, because it breaks the ice.

How much safer are snow tire chains than regular winter tires?

"Snow tires with chains are much safer than regular winter tires if you live in an area with heavy winter snowfall. Snow tires with chains will help you to travel along roads that have not yet been plowed, where regular tires would probably get buried."

Do you put the snow chains on the front or rear tires on a 1999 Camry?

On the front tires.

1999 Camry - Do you put the snow chains on the front or rear tires?

On the front tires.

Cars being driven on icy roads can have better traction if they have chains on their tires because chains increase the between the tires and the road?

Chains increase the surface area which increases the friction so you gain traction.

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vehicles need tire chains in icy and cold weather. The chains give the tires on the vehicle more traction and also dig into the ice. This lessens friction on the tires of the vehicle.

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Snow chains give more traction.

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