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a wash

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Q: In the western states a dry creek is called an arroyo or?
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What is a sentence with the word arroyo in it?

An arroyo is a dry creek bed. The banditos did not know that the posse would be waiting for them in the arroyo.

What does Arroyo mean?


What does the town arroyo seco translate into English?

arroyo seco means: dry creek in Spanish.

What does the Spanish word arroyo mean?

It means stream, rivulet, brook, creek

What word describes a dry creek that sometimes floods?

It's an arroyo...good luck with the crossword!

What is a arroyos flood?

An arroyo is a Spanish word translated as brook, and also called a wash is usually a dry creek or stream bed-gulch that temporarily or seasonally fills and flows after sufficient rain. Wadi is a similar term in Africa. In Spain, a rambla has a similar meaning to arroyo. In Hispanic America any small river might be called arroyo, even if it flows continually all year and is never dry.

Where is Skeleton Creek located?

i really don't remember but it was like in 1950's.

How do you say As a child you liked to play in the creek in Spanish?

¿Cuando eras niño/a te gustaba jugar en el arroyo? Which is "When you were a child, did you like to play in the creek?". As a statement, you might say "De niño(a), te gustaba jugar en el arroyo." In both cases, note that the imperfect is used, denoting action over a period of time.

Where is Wolfe Creek Crater located?

It is located in Western Australia, in the centre of the Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater National Park, about 105 km south of the town of Halls Creek.

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