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It's like jump starting a car only he doesn't have a car battery so they give him a big slap on the back to pump him up and get him going. It also helps get the blood flowing. Native Americans would slap themselves with little sticks to warm up because it helped get the blood flowing. It works really well once you get out of cold water, and at least it wont kill you like slamming down a 6'er of Red Bull or a shock with a car battery would.

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Q: In the show Ninja Warrior why does All-Star Makoto Nagano get a hard backslap before he starts the first stage?
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Makoto is most known for what?

Makoto Nagano is a regular on the series Ninja Warrior where he is referred to as a Sasuke All-Star. Makoto Nagano is a commercial fisherman who spends approximately 300 days a year training for Ninja Warrior.

When was Makoto Nagano born?

Makoto Nagano was born on March 30, 1972.

What ninja warrior win?

Kazuhiko Akiyama, the crab diver, was the first which he completed it in the 4th competition. Makoto Nagano then followed in the 16th competition

Did makoto nagano die?


What Ninja Warrior competition did Makoto Nagano win?

17th competition - Total Victory (2.56 seconds to spare)Taken from

When was Makoto Shinkai born?

Makoto Shinkai was born on February 9, 1973, in Nagano, Japan.

How many times did makoto nagano climb mount midoriyama?


Has anyone beat ninja warrior twice?

No. Makoto Nagano should have but the first time he was late by .11 seconds. Kazuhiko Akiyama was the other one to beat it. Both have only completed it once and they are the only ones.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ninja Warrior 24 all-star Preview Special - 2010?

The cast of Ninja Warrior 24 All Star Preview Special - 2010 includes: Kazuhiko Akiyama Alison Haislip as herself Hitoshi Kanno Makoto Nagano Bunpei Shiratori Toshihiro Takeda Yuuji Urushihara Katsumi Yamada

How many people won American ninja warrior?

Three people have defeated the Ninja Warrior obstacle course: Kazuhiko Akiyama in the fourth tournament Makoto Nagano in the seventeenth tournament and Yuuji Urushihara in the twenty fourth and twenty seventh tournament

Has anyone passed ninja warriors final stage?

Two men have. ones name is Kazuhiko Akiyama, And the other guy is named Makoto Nagano. Kazuhiko finished it in 6.0 seconds and Makoto finished it in 2.8 seconds.

Who are all of the ninja warriors winners?

Kazuhiko Akiyama in SASUKE 4 Makoto Nagano in SASUKE 17 Yuuji Urushihara in SASUKE 24 and 27