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"Oh! Susanna" was written by American composer Stephen Foster in 1848.

In the film "Platoon" it was sung by "King," an M60 gunner played by African American actor Keith David.

We all learned "Oh! Susanna" in junior high music class. We all know that the way Oh! Susanna is usually sung turns it into a nursery rhyme, like "Farmer in the Dell."

But then a talented performer shows us how good this tired warhorse can sound with just a couple of ingenious alterations in the phrasing.

Keith David however, turns it into an art song. You can't believe there was so much potential in the song. You wonder why you yourself didn't have the ear to hear it. After all, the song has been around since before the Civil War!

That is musicianship. I only wish he had recorded a longer version.

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Q: In the movie Platoon there is a version of oh susanna Who sings it?
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