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Q: In the movie Father Goose can someone identify the young accordion playing sailor in the wedding scene?
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What is a wedding registrar?

Someone who signs your wedding certificate.

What is it called when you give a gift after a wedding?

Etiquette states that you have up to a year after the wedding to get someone a wedding gift.

Where can someone buy wedding thank you cards?

Someone can buy wedding thank you cards at wedding shops. One can also buy wedding cards at stationary stores such as Office Depot and Staples or at stores such as Walmart and Target.

When did it become proper to invite someone to a wedding shower and yet not invite them to the wedding?

It's not in most cases. Destination weddings may be an exception, but to invite someone to your shower and not your wedding is a big no no.

Where can someone find the best rates for wedding photography packages in Texas?

There are many options for wedding photography packages in Texas. The Knot and Wedding Wire are two online publications that can help someone planning a wedding to find the best rate on wedding photography packages in Texas.

What is a wedding organiser?

Technically, a wedding planner is someone who helps you plan your wedding. A wedding planner is the one responsible for setting appointments and bookings for the wedding venues or reception areas.

What is a registrars?

Someone who signs your wedding certificate.

Do you buy a gift for the wedding MC?

If you hired someone random, no. If your have a friend or family member playing the role, then absolutely. They are one of the most important people in your wedding as they are responsible for setting the tone of the reception and keeping things on track. They deserve the recognition of a thank you gift.

What song is playing during the wedding in your family wedding?

Bridal Chorus (Here Comes The Bride) from "Lohengrin" (Wagner)

Why might one be in the market to purchase bridal wedding dresses?

Someone might be in the market to purchase bridal wedding dresses if they are either getting married, or are attending someone else's wedding such as a family member or close friend.

What is a wedding?

A wedding is where you promise to stay with someone you love for your whole life. It makes you officialy husband and wife!

Is there any way to identify that a man is married?

Some married men wear a gold wedding band.