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Jake Blues orders four (not 3) fried chickens and a coke

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Q: In the movie Blues Brothers what does Jake order to eat?
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What is Jake and Elwood's last name in the Blues Brothers movie?

They are Jake and Elwood Blues, thus the movie title, Blues Brothers.

Where did The Blues Brothers first play after reuniting when Jake got out of prison?

Bob's Bunker

Did John Belushi do the gymnastics in the Blues Brothers band?

No, it was John Belushi's stunt double - Jonathan Pendragon (born Claude Douglas Yarbrough). With that said, Belushi was so active in the Blues Brothers concerts, his movements were almost "gymnastic" in a manner of speaking.

How did Jake blues die?

based on the information I've been able to gather seeing Blues Brothers (1980) many, many, MANY times. Combined with seeing Blues Brothers 2000 (1997) many, many, MANY times. I've been able to arrive at this; When Blues Brothers 2000 begins, it shows Elwood being released from prison after being locked up in 1980. But he's alone which make me believe that they must have been separated some how to different cell blocks or something AND being placed on completely different schedules for Meals, Out Side Time, ETC... What I think, Based on what I saw in the first movie, the female character that Carrie Fisher played had something to do with it, she could have sent him some sort of package with poisoned food of some kinds or something like that. That's my thoughts...& if another film is made, I think that Jim Belushi will be seen somewhere by Elwood or Cab, & Cab (Cabel Chamberlain having been the the Illinois State Police Commander at the beginning of Blues Brothers 2000) & Cab's history as a State Police Commander will make it easier to get their hands on public records which would document stuff like Adoption Records if any were to exist...& Elwood will find out that there was a Younger Sibling of Jake and Himself but that he was even younger than Jake and himself so he was adopted by a family right away as an infant or something...those are my thoughts

Was the movie big Jake a sequel to mclintock?