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And if you read it you would realize how stupid your question is.

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Q: In the manga Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro do neuro and yako fall in love?
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Was the Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro manga series released in America?

No it has not.I dont think there are any plans to either sadily

What is another good anime like ghost hunt?

Their's an anime called "Ghosts Stories" a.k.a. "Ghosts at School" (I don't know if it's as good but from what I saw-I only got 2 see up to episode 8 before it was taken off anime on demand though- it's pretty good). If you like series with a supernatural theme, Mushishi 蟲師 is an award winning anime series based on the manga of the same name which deals with surreal / supernatural phenomena.

Where can you buy neko majin z DVDs?

there are no dvds only manga sorry

What episode is Kuriza in?

He isn't in an episode. He is in a Dragon Ball Z parody manga by Akira Toriyama called Neko Majin.

What is meant by the term Majin Buu?

Majin Buu is a villain from the popular Dragon Ball franchise of manga and animation. He is a large, fat, pink, blob-like character, known for his insatiable appetite and childlike attitude he portrays while committing evil acts.

Is kid buu stronger than evil buu?

Kid buu is the original buu. Evil buu is the evil of majin buu manifested into another buu. He is kid buu in a different form. Evil buu=kid buu power level wise. Super buu surpasses both of them in power which is made very clear in the manga and not so clear in the anime. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Correction. Yes, Kid buu is the real Majin buu. Yes, Evil buu is the evil of majin buu manifested into another buu but he's not near to kid Buu's level. Kid Buu >>>>>> Evil Buu Super Buu's power isn't near to Kid Buu either.

Where can you see neko majin z online?

ahem! it hasn't been brougth to tv (((only had some youtube user made some retarted video about it....but the MANGA is in here! and u can even read it on internet heres link for it ((and this site has also many other great mangas Naruto,Dragonball,Death note,Fullmetal alchemist ntc ntc it has wide selectiong of many manga series!

What are the top ten manga?

The anime news network saysTop 10 Most Popular (Top 50)#titleratingnb. votes1Death Note (manga)8.9420392Naruto (manga)8.1716423Bleach (manga)8.3414314Fruits Basket (manga)8.7412535Fullmetal Alchemist (manga)8.8211116Love Hina (manga)8.4011287Rurouni Kenshin (manga)8.839758Berserk (manga)9.279139Chobits (manga)8.01103310One Piece (manga)8.59851

In Dragon Ball Z howcome majin buu can only obsorb gohan gotenks and piccolo..shouldnt he be able to obsorb anyone in that case including in the games?

what you say is right but (in manga) he only absorb them because they could defeat him so after he absorb them he had enough power to defeat anyone so there was no point absorbing anymore

Where can 'After School Nightmare' manga be read in e-book form?

this manga can be read for free at either manga fox, one manga or zen manga :)

Where was the manga invented? Manga is from Japan

Is dragon ball anime or manga?

It is both anime and manga