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Q: In the Batman TV series what was the butler Alfred's last name?
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What was tv series batman butler alfred's last name?


Is batman 3 the last movie of series of christopher nolans batman series?


Is batman arkham knight the last arkham game in the series?

Batman: Arkham Knight will not be the last Arkham game in the series.

What is the last episode of batman the animated series?

"Deep Freeze"

Who played Batman in the 1997 film?

George Clooney. He said in an interview himself that he "Probably ruined the Batman movie series". Notice that this is the last Batman movie for a while.

In which episode did Robin become Batman's sidekick?

Depends on which Robin and which Batman series you're talking about. For an educated guess, I'm go with Batman: The Animated Series and The New Adventures of Batman. In Batman: TAS, Dick Grayson, like in the comics, was the first Robin. The last episode of Dick Grayson as Robin is the NAoB episode "Holiday Knights" In the NAoB, Tim Drake assumes the role of Robin in "Sins of the Father". Eventually he takes on the Role of Batman's new Sidekick

What is ShayCarl's last name?

his last name is butler

Are Ryan Butler and Austin Butler related?

no, they just have the same last name

Is the dark knight rises the last batman film?

It's the last Batman film set in the Christopher Nolan universe

What is the shaytards last name?


What is butler's real name in the Artemis Fowl books?

Butler's real first name is Domovoi. His last name however is still Butler...

Is Dean Butler related to Gerard Butler?

No, not at all. They just share the same last name.