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Forever Charmed is the one adult chris was in.

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Q: In season 8 of charmed which episodes is chris in?
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What episodes of Charmed have Chris in them?

the last episode of season 5 (oh my godesses part 1&2) all season 6 season 7 episode 7 (someone to witch over me) and the last one of season 8 (forever charmed)

Where can people find Charmed season 9 episodes?

There is not a season 9 of Charmed. Charmed only has 8 seasons. the charmed season 9 has not come out yet but there is suppose to be a season 9 and 10 but nobody knows when its suppose to come out yet!

Where can one watch ALL Charmed Season 7 episodes online for free?

You can see all charmed season 1-6 episodes on HOwever, For season 7 and 8 you can use,, and YOu won't find all episodes in one place.

Is there a season 10 of charmed?

No, there are only 8 season of Charmed.

Which season of the CHARMED is with the Avatars?

the season of charmed with avatars is season 7 or 8

When does Charmed season 9 come out?

There will not be a season 9 of Charmed, Charmed only has 8 seasons.

Is there a charmed season 8?

Yes, there are only 8 seasons of Charmed.

Charmed season 9?

There is no season 9 of Charmed. There are only 8 seasons.

Charmed will continue?

No Charmed ended at season 8.

When does charmed season ten come out?

Charmed ended with season 8. There is no ninth or tenth season.

When can you buy charmed season 9 in the UK?

There is no ninth season. Charmed ended with season 8.

When is charmed season 9 coming to DVD?

There is no season 9. Charmed ended on Season 8. However there is charmed season 9 comic book.