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She played Violet, the cute little geeky girl who played violin and loved Screech in seasons 2 and 3.

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Q: In saved by the bell Which character did Tori Spelling play?
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What actress played tori on saved by the bell?

Leanna Creel played Tori. She is a triplet (Joy and Monica Creel)

What happened to Kelly and Jesse in saved by the bell in the last season when Tori came?

They are still in the series, but not as regularly.

Who was the star of saved by the bell?

Mark-Paul-Gosselaar played the main character Zachary Morris on the hit series "Saved By The Bell'

What season did Kelly come on saved by the bell?

Kelly Kapowski was a character on the television show Saved by the Bell. She was part of the original cast and appeared in the first season of the show. The character was played by Tiffany Amber Theissan.

What geeky Saved by the Bell character was actually named Samuel Powers?


What is the name of Mario Lopez character in saved by the bell?

AC (Albert Clifford) Slater

What was the name of Elizabeth Berkley's Character On Saved By The Bell?

is it Jessie Spano, im not sure

Who was the lead character in Saved By The Bell?

It was mainly an ensemble cast but it could certainly be debated that Zac Morris was the main character.

Who did Mandy play on saved by the bell?

There was no actress named Mandy on saved by the Bell. However, Elizabeth Berkeley, who played Jessie, also played a character named Mandy on another show.

What character did Mandy jiroux play on saved by the bell?

She played "ChaCha" hoped i helped ) xx

Who did martin Lawrence date from saved by the bell?

Lark Voorhies, whose character was Lisa Turtle.

Can you be saved by the bell in amateur boxing?

Yes you can be saved by the bell.

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