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If you mean third space down from the top, it's C. If you mean third space up from the bottom, it's E.

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in order name all of the notes in the third measure of the bass clef

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Q: In order name all of the notes in the third measure of the bass clef?
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What is a space note and line note in music?

The space notes in a treble clef are (in order from bottom to top) F, A, C, E. The line notes in a treble clef are (in order from bottom to top) E, G, B, D, F. The space notes in a bass clef are (in order from bottom to top) A, C, E, G. The line notes in a bass clef are (in order from bottom to top) G, B, D, F, A.

Which instrument makes notes which have a higher pitch a violin or b double bass?

Orchestral string instruments in order of pitch (from highest to lowest) are as follows: Violin Viola Cello Double Bass So the Violin produces higher pitched notes than the Double Bass.

What are the notes in the lines of a BASS clef?

the notes a e abcgh

Can you play more that 2 notes at a time on bass guitat?

Yes, you can play all 4 notes if you wanted to. Some bass chords include 3 notes etc so it is possible to play more than 2 notes on bass.

What instrument plays the bass notes?

If you are referencing the "bass clef" as notes, then there are several instruments:cellobassvioletrombonetubapiano (can play both treble and bass clef)

When do you use a 5 string bass guitar?

A five-string bass is used to expand the range of notes which can be played on it. Either you add a string that has higher notes, or a string that has lower notes, as compared to a four-string bass.

What is the name given to very low muscial notes?

Bass notes.

Is A bass clef and a treble clef the same?

Clefs do not have 'sounds'. They are merely tools to indicate where on the musical stave notes are to be placed. However, the treble clef 'places' higher notes than the bass clef. If a clef is placed in the middle of the staff, then the notes that follow that clef are of that clef. For example, if the bass clef is placed on the treble staff, the notes that follow it are to be interpreted as "bass clef" notes and played using lower notes on the piano. The opposite is true if the treble clef is placed on the bass staff.

What are the names of the notes on the lines in the bass?

The bass note is the lowest note played (or notated). It is typically notated using a bass clef, which looks similar to:):Bass notes are typically below middle-C. The lines on a bass clef stave stand for the notes G2, B2, D3, F3, A3. One line above the bass stave is middle-C (C4). However, double bass and bass guitar are notated an octave higher than the actual notes played. Therefore, the notes on the bass clef stave written for bass guitar are actually G1, B2, D2, F2, and A2. One line below the bass stave is E1, which is the lowest note on a standard 4-string double bass or bass guitar. A 5-string bass guitar is capable of playing as low as B0.

What clef is used for notes in the lower pitch ranges?

Bass clef.

What are the happy birthday notes on the double bass on the notes sheets?

gbe ddega ddeage

When does the bass drum play in the song By Your Side?

The bass drum starts at after about a third of the way into the song where the lyric "look at these hands" starts, it starts exactly on the word: "hands".I hope you will understand this notation but here goes the basic bass drum beat of this song.The bass drum beats are played on the bolds. The o's are the eighth notes. So the bass drum is played on1 and 3, and there are two more notes played after the 3: 1oooooooo2oooooooo3ooOoOoo4ooooooooThe snare would be on 2 and 4.Hope it helps.