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Q: In one of those horrible ironies Myra Jones who was stabbed to death in 1988 by a serial killer had been the body double for Janet Leigh as she was stabbed to death by a serial killer in what movie?
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What serial killer was stabbed in prison?

Peter Sutcliffe was stabbed in the eyes and blinded while in prison. David Berkowitz's throat was slashed as well.

What dictator of Rome was stabbed to death?

Julius Caesar was, his killer was his bodyguard, Brutus.

Who killed Albert Desalvo?

He was stabbed to death and his killer or killers were never identified.

Who killed who in scream 3?

Below is a list of all characters that died in Scream 3 & how they died: Angelina Tyler...............Stabbed Cotton Weary...............Stabbed John Milton....................Throat Slashed Tyson Fox.....................Thrown from Balcony Christine Hamilton........Stabbed Sarah Darling...............Stabbed Jennifer Jolie................Stabbed Tom Prinze..................House Explosion Steven Stone..............Stabbed Roman Bridger............Shot & Stabbed (also killer)

How many people were stabbed in Leesburg Virgina?

Two were stabbed and one was hit with a hammer. One teenager was on a nighttime jog when he felt pain in his back then he turned around and saw the serial killer stab him with a knife. Another 67 year old man was stabbed. When he was sitting out of his apartment and saw a stranger go in the building and come out later and stabbed the 67 year old. Then one man was hit with a hammer when the serial killer told him can you help me fix my car? When the man went to see the car the serial killer hit him in the head with a hammer.

Why does kisame's sword betray him?

he was mentioning that the sword preferd killer bees chakra to his, so it stabbed kisame took some of his energy and gave it to killer bee, its actually pretty funny if you think about it.

Who was the serial killer that killed a woman by the name of Cherie?

Cherie Ayers had been bludgeoned and stabbed repeatedly in the neck and killed on October 9, 1980 by Randall Brent "Randy" Woodsfield who is an American serial killer who was dubbed The I-5 Killer or The I-5 Bandit.

How many people were stabbed in Leesburg Virginia?

2 were stabbed and 1 was hit with a hammer. One teenager was on a nighttime jog when he felt pain on his back and saw blood and the serial killer ran away. There was also a time that a 67 year old man was outside his apartment then a stranger went in the building and came back out and he 67 year old was stabbed. Then the serial killer asked a hispanic man to help him fix his car. When the hispanic man went to see the car the serial killer hit the hispanic man in the head with a hammer.

Who dies in the movie ATM?

I can't remember the names, there was 3 main characters besides the killer. the girl dies from falling and hitting her head, the 1 guy dies from being stabbed, the security guard was killed by the killer, and innocent guy walking his dog was killed by a killer

Who is the scream 5 killer?

kirby reed is going to be the killer in scream 5 because in scream 4 she gets stabbed two times by charlie and then she falls down in fact,she does not die she lays there but she does not die and that is proof that kirby will be the killer in scream 5 but i don't really know if scream 5 is released yet

What are the release dates for Double Dare - 1985 Three's a Killer 1-5?

Double Dare - 1985 Three's a Killer 1-5 was released on: USA: 15 May 1985

How does Robert swindle describe shelter as a physopath in stone cold?

he is a horrible guy and is a killer but In a sneaky way but first he seems nice