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He gets detention for using his phone during Homeroom.

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Q: In high school musical how does troy get detention?
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Where do High School Musical Characters live?

where does Troy live from high school musical live

Who is Zac Efron in high school musical?


Who plays Troy in High School Musical?

troy is played by zac efron

What is troy real name off of high school musical?

Troy's (Zac Efron's) last name in High School Musical 1, 2 and 3 is Bolton.

Can you have this dance - high school musical?

The song is called "Can I have this Dance." Its from High School Musical 3. Troy and Gabriella sing it together on the rooftop of the high school.

Who was the star of the high school musical?

umm. Troy Bolten

Will troy love sharpay in high school musical 3 no?


Who is the best high school musical person?

Troy and Gabriella

Who is high school musical male star?

Troy Bolton

Does troy have asthma in high school musical 3?

no he doesn't

Are they going to show troy and Gabriella making out in high school musical 4?

There is no High School Musical 4. (Thank goodness.)

Where was the high school that was named after Charles Drew?

I u troy and high school musical too.