In greek words kary means

Updated: 4/28/2022
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id.k this on my homework

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Q: In greek words kary means
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What is an example of the root word kary?

Examples of words which begin kary- or karyo- include: karyotypical, karyogamic, karyosome.The root word karyo- derives from the Greek word meaning "comb", and is also derived from a similar word, "karyon", meaning "nut" or "kernel".

What nicknames does Kary Arora go by?

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What does the stem kary mean?

-Kary-cell nucleus

What does the suffix karyo mean?

The suffix "karyo" refers to the nucleus of a cell. It is derived from the Greek word "karyon," which means "nut or kernel." It is often used in biological and medical terms related to the structure and function of the nucleus.

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