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She had Darcia's teeth sunk into her most of the time near the end, she bled out too much but what really did it was the fact that she turned into the flower so paradise could open. to have paradise open, she said at the very end "This is not this one's real form" and then soon disappeared into flower petals. So she did live because she turned into the flower.

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Q: In Wolf's Rain how does Cheza die?
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In Wolf's Rain what is the flower they smell?

The Lunar Flow. Or, Cheza. The Lunar Flower is the name of the flower, but the flower turns out to be Cheza.

Who are the main characters in Wolf's Rain?

Toboe , Blue , Jaguara , Darcia , Cheza , Kiba , Tsume and Hige .

What are the names of the wolves on wolf rain?

In the anime series "Wolf's Rain" the names of each wolf is Kiba - Tsume - Hige - Toboe - Cheza and Blue .

How Old Is Cheza From Wolf's Rain?

My impression was that she was ancient and very old because she was in suspended animation but I don't know how old she is exactly .

What happens to Blue from Wolf's Rain after they all end up in the city but her?

Sadly , Blue is killed by Darcia while trying to protect Hige and Cheza .

What does Cheza mean in Japanese?

It means flower in japanese though that's not how you spell it. It's the english way of spelling it. Do you watch wolf's rain too?

What is the most dangerous animal in the rain forest?

For me I would think that the snakes or the wolfs.

What happens in Wolf's Rain after they get to paradise?

Nothing. That is the end of the story. At the last episode, in paradise it shows a white flower that is in an alley. Some people say that that is Cheza calling to Kiba because at the end of the last episode, Cheza told Kiba to go and find her again in her true form. And that is why it show Kiba running at the end. *They didn't even find paradise. ^Kiba saw a glimpse of it and died. Then he was reborn and finds Cheza as a flower. The end.

What are all the Wolf's Rain characters?

=Kiba, Tsume, Hige, Toboe, Blue, Jaguara, Darcia, Cheza, Cher Degré,==Hubb Lebowski, and Quent Yaiden =

Will there be a season 2 of Wolfs Rain?

No , sadly , there will not be a second series . There is an OVA(Original Video Animation) with four episodes that are an extension of the original 26 episodes 1)Where the Soul Goes 2)Gunshot of Remorse 3)High Tide,High Time 4)Wolf's Rain . See link for ratings and additional information .

Is Blue from Wolf's Rain a girl?

Blue is, in fact, female. Google search her or the Wolfs Rain series. ya did u wach the seiris *That's mean!^

Is wolfs rain real?

Saddly it isn't. Its just a manga series Bones made. That would be kinda cool if it was real, but if you were a human it would suck. Because at the end of Wolfs Rain, everyone DIES. Ya, I know! The characters end up starting all over again.