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Woof the dog is in fact from the top left hand side of the swing he is 35mm to the left and 10mm up.

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Q: In Where's Waldo Wonder Book Where is Woof on the Last Page?
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When was The Last Book of Wonder created?

The Last Book of Wonder was created in 1916.

Where is waldo in the waldo world in the great waldo search?

He's in the last place that you will look for him.Think about it!

Wheres woof in wheres wally the wonder book page 1?

If you're looking for Woof in Once Upon A Page, he is in the upper right hand side. Above the large book "Wenda's Guide to Art" you will see a man wearing red, white, and blue top hat and next to him is a man wearing a grey top hat. Woof is between them. For all pages except the last, Woof is only visible by his tail.

Where is waldo on the last page of the great waldo search?

well that is the question not the answer . its supposed to be the question, people answer it down here. by the way the question is worded very strangly, however you may find the answers on youtube watch all the raywilliamjohnson vids, wheres waldo is one of the comment questions of the day. this is not an advertisement for youtube or raywilliamjohnson, this is merly a suggestion given to help the user asking the question an understanding of the answer to the question they posted.

When was Waldo's Last Stand created?

Waldo's Last Stand was created on 1940-10-05.

Where is waldo in Hollywood the last page?

on the last page

What are the ratings and certificates for Waldo's Last Stand - 1940?

Waldo's Last Stand - 1940 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Where's waldo on the last page in The Great Waldo Search?

hes in the most obvios place, the middle of the page

When was Last Days of Wonder created?

Last Days of Wonder was created in 2006.

Where is the waldo with a missing show in the great waldo search last page?

Waldo is to the right underneath the Unfriendly Giant. His sock is striped red and white like his shirt. Look for the Waldo holding his cane a weird way with his elbow sticking out, Shoeless Waldo is above his elbow.

Is Star Eye a good name for a book?

It depends what the book is about but if i was the reader i would wonder what it would be about because of the nameYou're going about this backwards, dear -- the title comes last, after you've finished the book. Write the book, then you will know if that's a good title.

Where are the answers for where is wally in Hollywood on the last page where's wally the musical?

waldo is up in the corner by the stairs on the right holding a bone where waldo and Bella are holding hands