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Q: In Scrooged when Bill Murray visits the homeless shelter who is the movie star that he tells three people they remind him of?
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What is a house that is for homeless people?

homeless shelter

What does the pressure group Shelter provide to homeless people?

It provides shelter, food, and maybe clothes to homeless people.

What is a dry homeless shelter?

This is a shelter for the homeless that refuses people who have been drinking or using drugs.

Can you start a homeless shelter in your home?

No you can have homeless people living with you but that's not safe

How many charitys are there for homeless people in the UK?

There are lots of charitys for homeless people in the UK an example is Shelter!

What do homeless people eat?

Homeless people eat from out of dumptsters or what ever they are able to find. unless they are at a homeless shelter they are able to eat an healthy meal.

What is the best way to help homeless people?

Bring them to a shelter where people will care for them

What do homeless people do in bad weather?

They go to a shelter in the warm. Some go under shelter in the cold. Sadly some homeless people just sleep and stay out in bad weather :(

What government agency helps homeless people find shelter?


What are three things that homeless people need?

The three things they homeless poor need is food, cloth and shelter

Does the Red Cross help the homeless?

The Red Cross helps the homeless by providing food and shelter to homeless people. Especially after a disaster such as a typhoon, the Red Cross will do all it can to find shelter for victims in this type of tragedy.

What are people doing to help homeless people?

Well, as far as a homeless shelter people donate food and clothing to them.... But if your refering to people on the streets asking for money, well...nothing.

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