In Naruto does Rin die

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. It was first shown that Kakashi was the one who killed Rin, piercing her chest with his Raikiri move. It was later revealed that she had thrown herself in front of him, the reason being she had been implanted with the Three-Tails, with the intention that it would attack the hidden village when she returned. She had asked Kakashi to kill her to prevent this, and when he refused, she took the matter into her own hands.

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Yes, she was killed before the story started.

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Q: In Naruto does Rin die
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What episode of naruto does rin die in?

Rin's death was shown in manga chapter 604, which has not yet been animated.

In Naruto how did Rin from Kakashi's team die?

Not stated in manga. No one knows

How did rin die in Naruto?

How Rin died has not been shown. No details are available apart from the fact that Kakashi lamented that he could not protect her

In Naruto is Rin still alive?

No, Rin was killed before the series started.

Is ren in any of the Naruto episodes?

Rin is in Naruto episode 119

Who did rin like in naruto Shippuden?


How did rin die in the tv show naruto?

*SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* in was killed by Kakashi but Kishimoto hasnt told anyone why he did that yet.

Who is rin of Naruto Shippuden?

Rin was the teammate of Hatake Kakashi. She is presumed deceased, as Kakashi has said that all of his friends were dead.

How did rin die?

Actually if u want the quick story Rin actually died cause she loved Kakashi while loving Obito too..i know this isnt much but i did look it up on the offical naruto shippuden websote :D

When did Ishigaki Rin die?

Ishigaki Rin died in 2004.

Does Rin die?

If you are referring to Rin Sohma, then no. Rin breaks up with Haru to keep him safe.

What do Rin mean?

Rin means too many things. Rin means bell. Rin means forest. Rin means food. Rin means companion. Rin means an uncountable number of things. I cant tell which Rin youre asking about since the categories say Naruto and Inuyasha, but Naruto's Rin probably means bell due to the bell test, And Inuyasha's Rin could mean forest, food, or companion. I think it's a name Sesshoumaru gave her before she started talking again, so it would be something that has meaning to him. He found her in a forest where she gave him food and became his companion, so... Its a very ambiguous name.