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In chapter 352(at the end of the chapter),Tsuna found out that Reborn wasn't actually a baby. In chapter 353, Tsuna is still thinking about Reborn's adult form.

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Q: In Katekyo Hitman Reborn when does Tsuna find out Reborn wasn't a baby and was actually an adult?
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Who gave the hint about the burner to tsuna in Katekyo Hitman Reborn?

Haru helped Tsuna with the X-burner.

What episode in katekyo hitman reborn is tsuna vs byakuran?

Byakuran and Tsuna start battling in episode 200 and the fight ends in episode 202.

Who is aria from katekyo hitman reborn?

Aria is the sky arcobaleno in tsuna's time, she is the daughter of the the the previous sky arcobaleno, Luce, and mother of the future sky arcobaleno, Uni.

Does tsuna get a kiss in hitman reborn?

Yes, by Chrome

In Katekyo Hitman Reborn will Tsuna be able to go into dying will without a pill or Reborn?

At this point in time, probably not, but when he gets stronger/older, probably. That's the things about main characters in a Shounen manga- no limits to their power.

What episode does chrome kiss tsuna?

Chrome kisses Tsuna in episode 51 on Hitman Reborn

In hitman reborn does Tsuna get a pet?

Yes, he gets a pet called Nuts or Na-tsu, which is obviously Tsuna backwards.

In hitman reborn when does the kid uses the dying will without reborn?

tsuna receives the rebuke bullet when he fights Mukuro, around episode 25 I think.

What is KAtekyo Hitman Reborn?

An awesome Anime show that tells about a boy named Tsuna who is a messup in his Japanese school, and basically horrible at everything. An Acrobaleno "Cursed Baby" Is sent to him from the 9th generation mafia boss of the Vongola family to train him to be the 10th generation mafia boss.

When does tsuna take the acrobaleno tests in the manga katekyo hitman reborn?

The arcobaleno tests is something that only exists in the anime only. They are filler episodes, which are episodes created when an anime catches up to a manga, in order to give the manga some time to release more chapters and lay down the plot for the story.

What does 692718 mean in hitman reborn?

theses numbers are the official pairings listing 69- Mukuro 27- Tsuna 18- Hibari Basically it's a pairing involving all three of them

What does Lal call Tsuna in REBORN?

she calls him maggot most of the time