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Jack Bauer shoots Curtis in the neck whilst he is holding a terrorist at gunpoint during season 6. From Wikipedia: President Wayne Palmer authorizes a pardon of Assad in exchange for his continued cooperation. Soon after, Jack learns Curtis's history with Assad: shortly after Desert Storm, Assad's fighters ambushed Curtis's Special Forces team, killing five outright and capturing - and later publicly executing - two. Curtis was badly wounded and could not go after his captured comrades. As Curtis is transporting Assad to CTU, Jack realizes that Assad's life is in danger. Jack rushes outside and sees Curtis holding a gun to Assad's head. Jack raises his weapon and tells Curtis to drop his own, but Curtis refuses. Jack begs Curtis to let Assad go, telling him that he gave his word that he would protect him (Assad). Curtis tells Jack that he "cannot let this animal live". Left with no other option, Jack shoots Curtis in the neck, killing him, which was confirmed in Season 7.

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Q: In 24 how does Curtis Manning die?
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