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The best way 1: find a unknown singer

2: show them the song

3: have them sing it

4: make a demo

5: send it to a record company

6: see if you get a reply

results may very.....

but when done always keep trying

never give up on a dream

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Q: If you are a songwriter... how do you get singers to sing your songs?
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If you work for them then you can write songs for them Note: singers will only sing your songs if they like it and pay you for it

How to get some one to sing your written songs?

Research, and I believe there is a book with singers names who look for songs to sing, and an address where they can be submitted material. Find a book that tells all about how to be a songwriter, probably at Barnes and Noble, and there are tips for when you finally have that hit that deserves to have a singer.

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