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The two aircraft were designed for different purposes: The Stuka as a ground attack dive-bomber, the Spitfire as a fighter aircraft.

In air-to-air combat, the Spitfire would have had clear advantages in speed and maneuverability which would prove decisive. Once separated from its fighter escort, the Stuka was considered easy prey for Spitfires. It was withdrawn from the Battle of Britain within a few weeks following heavy losses.

The Messerschmitt 109 was a much closer match to the Spitfire. _____________________________________________________________ Agreed. The Junkers Ju-87 Stuka was a dive-bomber; a type of warplane developed in the 1920's and dispensed with at the end of World War II. A Stuka was absolutely no match for the Supermarine Spitfire (or the Hawker Hurricane.....or even the Gloster Gladiator for that matter). As stated above, Stukas were used in the Battle of Britain, but they were quickly withdrawn because of heavy losses. German and Italian Stukas, and Japanese Vals, scored initial success in World War 2, but if oppposed by Allied fighters they were easily shot down before placing their bomb on the target.

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Q: If a stuka plane had a fight with a spitefire who would win?
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