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Blood lust


Hatred over what they are or humans

Half dead's/Zombies or ghoulds (half dead beings of the underworld)




and any other underworld creatures

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Q: Ideas to put in a vampire novel?
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When was Vampire Zero - novel - created?

Vampire Zero - novel - was created in 2008.

How do you get paper for the fire on poptropica?

Okay, so after you get the graphic novel from the statue lady on the Vamp's turf (Kattya's vampire novel) you put that on the fire after you put the log on. Hope this helps!

How many pages does Vampire Zero - novel - have?

Vampire Zero - novel - has 336 pages.

What is the ISBN of Vampire Zero novel?

The ISBN of Vampire Zero - novel - is 978-0307381729.

What name can you give your vampire romance novel?

Vampire Love

Who wrote the novel Interview with the Vampire?

Anne Rice wrote the novel in 1976.

Where do you find the Teen Vampire Novel?

in the library

Is the vampire diaries considered a novel?


What Book Does Elena Becomes A Vampire?

She's turned into a vampire in the second novel, The Struggle

Why did Dracula become a classic vampire?

The novel was innovative in that it was the first to include a romantic vector to the vampire (dark and lustful for sure but still it was there). Also the novel granted the vampire the powers of a high level sorcerer where before the vampire was a much more pathetic creature.

Is The Vampire's Assistant a series?

The Vampire's Assistant is the second novel in "The Saga of Darren Shan" by Darren Shan.

What do you use the log for on poptropica in vampire curse island?

Once you have received the log and you're inside the castle, you put the log and a page of the vampire novel into the fireplace. Then hop on the thing next to it three times to light up a fire.