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In Venice, CA

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Q: Ian McShane where does he live?
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What is Ian McShane's birthday?

Ian McShane was born on September 29, 1942.

Is Ian McShane gay?

He is bisexual

What actors and actresses appeared in How We Used to Live - 2013?

The cast of How We Used to Live - 2013 includes: Ian McShane as Narrator

How can you buy Wuthering Heights with ian mcshane?

Go to the book-store with Ian McShane and buy the book. Now if you want Ian to pay for it then that get significantly more complicated.

Who was Blackbeard In pirates of Caribbean 4?

Ian McShane

Who played Blackbeard in Pirates of the Caribbean?

Ian McShane

What are the release dates for The Daily Show - 1996 Ian McShane 14-38?

The Daily Show - 1996 Ian McShane 14-38 was released on: USA: 17 March 2009

Who played al swearagen in deadwood the tv show?

Ian McShane.

Who is the actor playing black beard in the Pirates of the Caribbean?

In Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides, Blackbeard is played by Ian McShane.

Who does ian mcshane play in Pirates of the Caribbean on stranger tides?

Mr. Gibbs

Who is the foul-mouthed Deadwood character played by actor Ian McShane?

Al Swearengen

For what TV show did Ian McShane win a TV Golden Globe Award in 2005?