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David Gordon. (Soon-to-be-known-as Lizzie McGuire's boyfriend) =)

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wow no the name is Adam Adam Lamberg

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Q: IN Lizzie McGuire what is GORdo real name?
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What is Gordon real name in the show Lizzie McGuire?

His real name is David "Gordo" Gordon, but Lizzie calls him Gordo.

Who plays gordo in Lizzie mcguire?

The person who plays gordo in Lizzie mcguire , his real name is : is Adam lamberg!

Who was kate in Lizzie McGuire?

the real name of Kate sanders in Lizzie mcguire is ashlie brillault!

What is the real name of Lizzie's friend in the show Lizzie McGuire?

Lizzie's father's name is Sam Maguire and the actor's name is Robert Carradine.

In Lizzie mcguire what is kates real name?

Ashlie Brillault

What is the real name of paolo from the Lizzie mcguire movie?

Yani Gellman

In Lizzie Mcguire what is Max's real name?

It's Matt not Max, and his real name is Jake Thomas.

What is Lizzie Mcguire's real name?

Hillary Duff :D

What happen to Miranda from Lizzie McGuire?

Her name in Lizzie Mcguire is Miranda Sanchez while in the real world, her name is Lalaine Anne Vergara Paras but y'all think she is a spanish girl do you? She is plain filipino and half of an American. But i am not that sure if she is a half of an american.

Is lizzy mcguirs in high school?

Lizzie McGuire is not a real name. Hilary Duff played Lizzie McGuire. She played a student in high school years ago, but today she is 25 years old, and a mom.

Who is the principal in the lizzir mcguire movie?

the principal's real name is Phil Lewis - who is in the Lizzie mcguire series as well as the movie . he is also in the suite life of Zack and Cody !

Why did Lalaine fight with Lizzie Mcguire?

Well, being a fan of the hit tv show Lizzie mcguire, Lizzie mcguire is the lead character in the show and the role is played by Hillary Duff so if your question was did Lalaine Verga fight with Lizzie Mcguire, your question was indirect, because Lizzie Mcguire is not a real person, shes a character built up by Dan Sheridan the director of the Disney channel hit Lizzie Mcguire, but if your question was did Lalaine Verga fight with Hillary Duff to answer your question; No, Hillary Duff and Lalaine Verga did not fight behind the scenes of Lizzie Mcguire. They actually were the best of friends. Also Adam Lamberg who plays the role of David Gordon didnt fight with any of the two girls either, they were all best friends and they were like brothers and sisters so the roles they play on the show actually re-anacted with real life.