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Megalodon, they were larger,heavier, and stronger bite force.

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Q: How would win megalodon or dunkleosteus?
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Who would win the fight dunkleosteus or megalodon?

Tough One. I Would Chose Either But I Would Have To Go With Megalodon Because It Is Much Larger Than The Dunkleosteus. Despite The Dunkleosteus Having Tough Armor, Megalodon Could Have Bitten Through Dunkleosteus Easily. And Megalodon Also Had Much More Bigger Speed So It Could Catch Up With The Dunkleosteus Easily. NOTE: THEY DID NOT MEET! Megalodon First Appeared Around In The Miocene Era But Dunkleosteus First Appeared Around At The Devion Era.

Who would win basilosaurus or dunkleosteus?

probably whale would win

Megalodon vs basilosaurus who would win?

megalodon its attack is better than a basilosauras

Who would win in a fight a brygomphester or a megalodon?

Brygompheseter Because It Lived In Pods And Can Easily Kill A Megalodon.

Would a Megalodon or a whale win in a fight?

As the Megalodon is an extinct species of shark, there is no present day contest!

Who would win in a fight blue whale or megladone?


Who would win in a fight liopleurodon vs megalodon?


Who would win in a battle megalodon or prdator x?

Predator x

Who would win a pod of killer whales or megalodon?

pod of killer whales

What sea animals don't exist anymore?

Ammonites, Basilosaurus, Caphalaspis, Liopleurodon, Steller's Sea Cow, Great Auk, Archelon, Cymbospondylus, Dunkleosteus and Megalodon. These are just a few.

Who would win Megalodon vs Dragon?

Can go either way but Meg was bigger so Meg. Meg was 50-60 feet and Pred X was 49 feet.

Who would win a meglondon or a whale shark?

the megalodon. It can tear it up just like he tears up a whale.