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The Dr. Barnardo Homes for children.

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he wouldnt because

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Q: How will dr Barnardo be remembered?
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Who is dr barnardo's children?

dr barnardo had 7 children but 3 died

When was dr barnardo's wife born?

Dr Barnardo's wife was born in 1842

What date is when Dr Barnardo born on?

Dr Barnardo was born on the 4th July 1845

Was Dr. barnardo rich?


Did Dr. Barnardo Have a Family?


Is Dr. Barnardo a charity?


Dr Barnardo's religious background?

Dr. Barnardo was a Christian, who went to parish day school and sunday school.

When did barnardo get married?

Dr Barnardo got married to Gwendoline Maud Syrie

Where was Dr Thomas barnardo born?

Dr Thomas Barnardo was born in... Dame Street Dublin, Ireland, (and yes, he was Irish)

Dr Barnardo was born where?


Were did Dr Barnardo die?


Where did dr barnardo study?

in your poo