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160 million in the early 20's from 3 sources, books published read off of Google books excerpts.....

This puts him above the man who owned union-pacific railroad, E.H. harriman (google that for a great story.

BUT well below Carnegie who at one time had 230 million dollars in cash in a single vault-building ! ! Carnegie gave away 380 million dollars in his life time !

In one transaction Carnegie recieved 480 million from JP morgan.

He made 40 million a year... now its save to say multiply all by 20-fold to get todays dollars.. .. 800 million dollars a year income is amazing..

BUT, please do realize that this is a near impossible feat, for the simple fact that taxation has greatly changed since then and now.

In his day the personal income tax was only 10 or so years new in the early-mid 20s.. (1913 income tax became law)

THEN, one has to consider that he had much money tied up in charities, buildings, offices, homes, and overseas.

Again it would be nearly impossible to say how rich he was.

I would tell you that 160 million is a CERTAINTY, in that there is no way he was worth less than 160 million at his PEAK.

What does 160 million in the mid-1920's mean ??

Well Oheka Castle in its grandeur cost 11 million to build, BUT 1920's dollars

where STRONGER than 1909-1919dollars.. ...

So imagine .. 15 oheka castles and estates being built.. and that would be fair.

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Q: How wealthy was Otto Kahn at his peak?
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