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At that point in the story, Katniss was actually telling a story of something that happened when she was much younger. Her father had recently died, and her family was struggling and starving, and she hated to see it. That period of time really caused her to become tough and unforgiving, she had to be numbed to things happening around her in order to focus on what had to be done. That trait came in handy when she was in the arena, as she had to ignore her anxiety and fear and win the games.

That incident was also the first time she really encountered Peeta, even though it was from a distance. He saw her in a state that was sort of embarrassing for her - readers can interpret that she doesn't like talking about that period of time when she talks about it in The Hunger Games. While it wasn't the first time Peeta had seen Katniss (as he had "fallen in love" with her the "first time he laid eyes on her"), it could be interpreted as the beginning of their relationship or friendship.

In her mind, Katniss owes him her life because he saved her from starvation. Because of this, and what you could probably call the "beginning of their star-crossed love," she struggles with the thought of having to kill him.

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Q: How was the bread incident a turning point for Katniss in The Hunger Games?
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