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when the pop star Aaliyah was found there was profe of 7 second degree burns and blow to the head and also she was cut in half by the plains front view glass

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Q: How was Aaliyah's body condition when it was found?
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Where was aaliyahs body found after the crash?

Aaliyah's body was found at the crash site in the Bahamas on Abaco Island, near Marsh Harbour.

How did aaliyahs body look after the airplane Incident?

severly burnt

Where is Aaliyahs body I need to know?

she was buried at rosewood mausoleum, fercliff cemetery, hartsdale, new york.

What were aaliyahs hobbies?

dancing and modeling

Where does rashad haughton Aaliyah's bro and his family live?

are they living in Chicago ? Aaliyahs family has a home in White Plains NY, and they still have AAliyahs loft in NYC

How old is aaliyahs parents today?

Aaliyah is 34 today

What was Aaliyahs Haughton parents names?

Diane and Micheal Haughton

What was aaliyahs last album?

her last album was "One In A Million"

What was the condition of John Kennedy Jrs body when it was found?

John F Kennedy Jr's body was found on the floor of the ocean off Martha's Vineyard by a robotic underwater camera. The bodies of his wife and sister-in-law were found earlier. There was no public information on the condition of any of the bodies, except that they were deceased.

Where is aaliyahs body barried is it in TN?

I believe she lies buried in New York State- possibly the Gate of Heaven cemetery which has such celebrities as the Baseball star Babe Ruth among its tenants.

Aaliyahs dead body?

Aaliyah was in a flight amongst nine other people, when the plane they were travelling in crashed. She had many burns and a blow to the head. The pilot was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

What is aliyahs last song?

Aaliyahs last song and music video was Rock the Boat