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Q: How tall was actor Gregory hines?
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What was Gregory hines personality?

Hines is a dancer and actor. He is an especially talented tap dancer.

How many siblings does Gregory Hines have?

Gregory Hines has 1 siling.

When was Gregory Hines born?

Gregory Hines was born on February 14, 1946.

What is Gregory Hines's birthday?

Gregory Hines was born on February 14, 1946.

What are some of Gregory Hines' best-known roles?

Gregory Oliver Hines had a wide range of different roles. These roles include being an actor, singer, choreographer, and dancer. He was also the lead singer in the rock band "Severance".

Who were Gregory hines parents?

Alma Hines

What is the duration of The Gregory Hines Show?

The duration of The Gregory Hines Show is 1320.0 seconds.

What is Gregory Hines middle name?

OliverHis full name is Gregory Oliver Hines

How old was Gregory Hines when he died?

Gregory Hines was 57 years old when he died.

When was The Gregory Hines Show created?

The Gregory Hines Show was created on 1997-09-15.

Who did Gregory Hines marry?

Gregory Hines was engaged to bodybuilder, Negrita Jayde but died before he married her.

When did Gregory Hines die?

No. He died at age 57. Gregory Oliver Hines, American dancer, actor, singer, and choreographer, was born February 14, 1946, in New York City, NY and died August 9, 2003, in Los Angeles, CA. He had been married to Pamela Koslow (m. 1981-2000).