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6'5.5. ive met him. im 5'5 and he was towering over me. and ive heard gabe say it before.

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Q: How tall is ryland blackinton?
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What is Ryland Blackinton's birthday?

Ryland Blackinton was born on March 31, 1982.

When was Ryland Blackinton born?

Ryland Blackinton was born on March 31, 1982.

How old is Ryland Blackinton?

Ryland Blackinton is 29 years old (birthdate: March 31, 1982).

Does ryland blackinton have a middle name?


What does Ryland Blackinton play in cobra starship?


Are the members of Cobra Starship Christian?

Gabe Saporta is jewish. Alex Suarez, Ryland Blackinton, Victoria Asher, and Nate Novarro have never said what religion they are.

Cobra starship members names?

Cobra Starship is a dance-pop band featuring five members. Gabe Suporta is the lead singer, Ryland Blackinton on guitar, Alex Suarez on base, Nate Novarro on drums and keytarist Victoria Asher. All provide backing vocals.

How tall is Jonathan Ryland?

Jonathan Ryland is 191 cm.

How tall is Ryland Cronk?

Ryland Cronk is 5' 7 1/2".

What is cobra starship?

Cobra Starship is a band whose members are Gabe Saporta [vocals]; Ryland Blackinton [guitar]; Alex Suarez [bass]; Victoria Asher [keytar]; and Nate Novarro [drums].

Who are the band memebers of Cobra Starship?

The band members of Cobra Starship are Gabe Saporta (lead vocals), Ryland Blackinton (lead guitar), Alex Suarez (bass), Victoria Asher (keytarist), and Nate Novarro (drums).

Does Ryland Blackinton have a girlfriend?

In an interview with Troix magazine he said he was single, but a short time after he posted a picture of himself kissing Alanna Masterson, his costar from the movie Peach Plum Pear on twitter. So he kind of lied. Bad PR and image.