How tall is lil rob?

Updated: 7/13/2024
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Lil Rob Is 5'4 @ 130 lbs.

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he is 5’9

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Q: How tall is lil rob?
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What is lil rob's shades?

"Lil Rob's shades" are the sunglasses of Big Rob's son, for whom he was named.

What race is lil rob?

Lil rob is Mexican American aka Chicano.

Where was lil Rob Born?

== == == == lil rob wass born in San Diego, California

How did lil rob die?

Lil Rob is still alve (November 20, 2013).

Are lil rob and lil cuete related?

Idk Lil rob is from Solona Beach in SD county and Lil Cuetes from Norwalk LA county

Is lil rob a northsider?


Where can one watch Lil Rob videos?

"Lil Rob" videos are available to watch online on many websites. These websites include YouTube and can also be viewed on Lil Rob's official "MySpace" page.

How old is Lil Rob?

Lil Rob (Roberto Flores) is 41 years old (birthdate: September 21, 1975).

When did lil rob die?


Is Lil Rob Mexican?

Yes, Lil Rob is Mexican but he was born and raised in America. His real name is Roberto Flores and is a rapper and producer.

Who is lil rob's sister?

Lil Robs sister is Denise.

How many albums does lil rob have?